Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Everybody deserves a shot

The thing about dating via your phone is that you have to be ready to go on a date pretty much at any time. I always try to have a list of places to go in different parts of town just in case I ever have impromptu dates.

Good thing I do.

Sometimes when you least expect it one of the five conversations you have on the go in your apps actually turns out to be a winner. It suddenly goes from monosyllabic to clever banter to flirty emojis in a span of two hours and sooner than later you are sneaking out for a "convo" break at work.

Now, I am not one to go on impromptu dates but when an gentleman from down under gets all my jokes, I gotta ask him out for a drink and what better option than the local speakeasy.

After setting up a meeting point and realizing that I seem to have a thing for dates with guys with accents we go on our way to the bar. The bar is in a basement, it feels like something that you would see in New York. It's cool vibes meets a wall of booze.

Before we take a sit, a young Scottish bartender lets us know that we can only sit at the bar as there will be a speed dating event happening and all the other seats in the premises will be taken. I take this with a sign of relief. If my date goes terrible it wont be as awkward as what is about to happen.

The crowd starts to arrive and it is a mix of desperate and nervous. I am in confidence heaven. My date is chatty, charming and we seem to be hitting it off.

That is until the Scottish bartender interrupts us to chat about the random people he deals with every day. At first I am annoyed but then I get into it. This guy has stories for days and both me and my date seem to enjoy the break from you know, breaking the ice. Apparently the Scottish bartender thinks we are cool as he decides to give us a free round of tequila shots.

The speed dating on the other hand is not going well. A guy keeps coming to the bar to get refills of beer. The men are all standing by themselves awkwardly. The women are chatting in groups. Me and my date are laughing and sharing stories.

A new bartender arrives. Her name: Katrina. Another charmer. She does the best Mexican accent and apparently has lived in Australia. She decides to pour us a shot of whiskey. Which makes the Scottish bartender jealous and decides to join for another round of shots, so he "does not feel left out". I like this place.

Three shots and a couple of drinks after. I am still talking to my date. We have gone from getting to know each other to now making fun of each other. Judging by how no one from the speed dating left together. We have already won.

Scottish bartender tells us that we are soon going to be joined by a group of ballerinas and bellerinos (as he likes to call them) from the National Ballet of Canada. Just cause my date hadn't been random enough. This is when I learn that my date does ballet as a workout. Good to know.

An array of beautiful women and really tall sculpted men arrive.

Katrina brings me a beer and my date, a wine....That we did not order. Courtesy of the principal dancer from the National Ballet of Canada. What? He decides to join us for quick and awkward convo. Which is followed by me and my date exchanging funny glances and laughing.

After chatting with some of the other dancers and meeting someone I went to school with ten years ago and getting Katrina's phone number while still chatting with my date, we decided to call it a day. That's when the manager brings us another round of shots because "We have been there all night and we are fun."

My date is wasted. I am not. I walk him to the subway. We say goodbye.

I think I like impromptu dates.

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